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Minimising costs: Maximising Results

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Why does the budget blow out more often than not?

Were we not realistic with our expectations? Did we change our minds too many times during the building process? Is it because we are terrified of building our own home that we'd rather settle for a finished home? Did we listen to the wrong people? Did we do enough research?

These are the questions that we hear on a daily basis, which is sad. You should be excited about your project, but we can understand why these obstacles arise.

How can you tackle your project without getting too emotional and don't blow your budget?

In our blog we can only mention a few points, but we will prepare an ebook to talk about it in more depth.

1. Do your research in your local areas about section & building costs.

2. See a mortgage broker to learn more about your financial situation.

3. How do you need to prepare yourself financially? What's your deposit requirement?

4. Compare sections: (What is the value & what are the foundation options & cost?)

5. Negotiate on the price, don't get too emotional because this can result in you paying top dollar from the threat of competition and desperation.

6. Find your architect or architectural designer. (Do your research!) Get quotes and compare what's included & what's not. Get concept drawings and check in how much it will cost before you move on to the working drawings. Do your research on design principles!!!!

7. Connect with different builders to understand whether you can work with them or not. Especially the project manager, he is the one you will work together with mostly.

8. View some projects from the builders and look at their workmanship.

9. Get a feel for it, what they offer and where their average pricing is.

10. Ask whether they are familiar with building High Performance Homes.

11. Get your first rough estimation after your concept phase and get a feel for the cost.

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